How to connect with your inner essence

– My offer –

If you are longing for more strength and clarity in life, if you want to get answers beyond the rational mind, or if you are just being curious, how it feels, being connected with your inner essence, I invite you to this alternative experience of energetic work.

I offer single-sessions via phone, online or workshop settings for small groups. During the session, my presence serves as a guide, leading you into your being by reactivating your own antennas.

The work is not based on a method, but on a personal gift. Through a deep longing of gaining strength and clarity in my own life, I became more and more aware of my sensitive antennas and how I could use them not only for myself, but for others.  I have been experiencing energetic work for over twelve years now, and offering the work professionally for the past two years.

During the session I automatically get connected with you on a soul-level and allow the energy to flow. The speed of the transformation-process, in the sense of how much may happen during a session, is primarily defined by the degree of your openness during the session.
In the majority of cases, it is a step-by-step-process, which allows us to work for more than one single session.

The training aims at realization/ self-knowledge/ becoming more conscious of ourselves, of our deepest truth, of our essence. It is a powerful experience and we regain strength and clarity directly from our inner source. At the same time the training aims to activate this state of beingness at one's will anywhere, anytime.

I set in motion an unfolding of the entanglement and accompanying process-oriented steps, but the long-term-path into your being is a decision you make for yourself, and only you can choose to nurture and follow that path.

For the time being I am offering 45-minutes-telephonesessions for free, through zoom-audio-meeting or whatsapp-call. Please contact me via mail.